Ukraine press briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Svitlana Romanko
https://ucn.org.ua/?p=8434&lang=en Ukrainian letter to a German Bundestag remains unanswered.
Valéry Laramée de Tannenberg
Hi, Ukraine is also consuming oil & gas. Where do these fossil fuels come from ? Valery Laramee de Tannenberg (L’Usine à Ges) / vldt@usineages.fr
Hortense Chauvin
Hi, thank you for this press briefing. What do you think of the current version of REPowerEU ? Aside from an embargo, what else should Europe do, according to you ? Hortense Chauvin (Reporterre)
Svitlana Romanko
After the briefing, please, contact Daniel Donner – daniel.donner@gsccnetwork.org, +32486083106 for further requests.
Daniel Donner
I'll also be sending around the recording to everyone who registered
Lauri Myllyvirta
Valery - Also please note that Ukraine announced a 2035 coal phase-out target last year, which shows real leadership for a country at Ukraine's level of economic development. Of course now the important thing is achieving just peace so that the rebuilding, including rebuilding of the energy system can start.
Hortense Chauvin
Thank you so much
Ilyess El Kortbi
translation to Valéry's answer:Well, I understand what you mean, who's gas, oil is used. but you probably can know from where it does come.by fact Ukraine partly consumes it own fossil fuel resourcesfirstAs of me, it is about who consumes the most 🇩🇪🇨🇵, and who blocks/probably will block the most. Bigger consumers must say no to financing Putin the first.secondBlack Sea near Crimea is rich in fossil such shale gas, oil, so Donbass with dark coal: so they were taken first, with fossils being extracted by Russia, you know who buy them 🇪🇺 probably
Ilyess El Kortbi
my answer to Valéry*
Svitlana Romanko
Thank you, Ilyess
Paul Krantz
Thank you Svitlana and all speakers!I've got to go now, but I appreciated the insights and will likely follow up.
Rainer Doemen
The Transformation process of the Energy-System towards Renewables must be supported much stronger throughout Europe as well as throughout the world. We, the Round Table of Renewable Energies are only able to work nationalwide in the direction to our Governments. Can you do more? Look for example here: https://energiewende-2030.de/krieg-russland-ukraine-fossile-energien/
Rainer Doemen
Renewable Energies are ambassadors for Peace and liberty.
Lucie Pedrola
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Hortense Chauvin
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laurence madoui
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